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Based in North Wales, Paganus Publishing operates near Ruthin, a beautiful and historical medieval market town.We publish in several formats, mainly  the hardback, paperback, eBook and podcast market.
Paganus Publishing was born from the idea of producing good quality books and media in a professional and speedy manner.
Paganus Publishing is a family business and currently represents and produces work for several authors, some o0f who will remain anonymous.
Paganus Publishing publish works by authors who wish to see their work in print either as E Books or in paperback and hardback.  All genres of work are considered and we give everyone the opportunity to see their work in print. See the section on Ghost Writing if you wish the contribution we make to your finished product anonymous – many do. We do not let any third party aware of our involvement, unless this has previously been agreed.
Paganus Publishing also produce and advise on production of other forms of media such as podcasts and video and the distribution thereof. Some examples can be found here.

Please contact the office with your queries.

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