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A A Prideaux

A A Prideaux has Cornish and Yorkshire beginnings and currently lives in North Wales following several adventures and moves around the British Isles. Although writing fills up her days, she still spends as much time as possible roaming Cornwall and researching the family history. A A Prideaux has traced her line back almost 1000 years to Paganus Prideaux.
She rides and trains her horses to have a cushy life and ensures her dogs are able to sleep on the sofa watching television as much as possible.

R J Pearce

R J Pearce was born in 1933 in Essex. After a fairly conventional education he served his national service in Malaya through 1951 to 1953. After demob he met and married Sheila, the mother of his three children David, Lynn and Stephen. He joined the Met police in 1957 and later he owned and ran his own business. In subsequent years he worked as a security consultant with a leading company in the field where he became a company secretary. Later he worked for the MOD until his retirement at 65. Richard has always been a keen cyclist and athlete, preferring half and full marathons.

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