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Richard has spent a great deal of time outside. As a child he loved exploring the woods and fields around his home, building dens and trying to stay out as late as possible. He hasn’t really grown up much since then! This love of all things outdoorsy continues to this day, and now he gets paid for doing a job he loves. He owns the outdoor company, Original Outdoors.
He spends his time climbing, mountain biking, surfing and getting muddy/wet/cold/happy. Often in that order. With a strong sense of adventure, he often chooses slightly more unusual options for his holiday time. Such as spending several nights living in a snowhole on the edge of a Norwegian glacier or snorkelling off the Isle of Skye, catching mussels and cooking them on the beach. If being indoors gets a little too restrictive then he picks up his bivvy bag and heads out into the local woods or hills for a night under the stars.
As a qualified Mountain Leader, Richard has worked all over the U.K. as a freelance expedition and challenge leader on challenges such as the National Three Peaks or the Coast to Coast. As well as challenge events and expeditions Richard works in outdoor personal development He is an experienced navigation and leadership instructor, and is involved in the training of Mountain Rescue and Search and Rescue personnel across the country. Richard believes that organisation and safety are key to group management and personal development, using these skills to coach people in the outdoor environment to fully realise their goals.
Richard also owns Original Outdoor Media. He records podcasts which are listened to by thousands of outdoor activities fans and writes in several journals.

His other media work can be seen here at Richard Prideaux

He also works with several TV production companies, featuring in, or providing advice using his expertise in outdoor activities. He is currently working on further projects which will be published or televised during 2015. Some them can be found here.
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