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Devon Prideaux Ghost Stories

Devon Prideaux Ghost Stories collects weird and wonderful tales featuring the earliest known (currently) members of the Pridias/Prideaux clan.

Each story is semi-legendary but does take place in the villages, towns and churches  described.  They were real people who were born, married and died at the times described and took part in the events described.
What makes these stories different is the paranormal involvement and the  strange happenings which shaped their lives and those of their descendants.


The Complete Prideaux Ghost Stories

The Complete Prideaux Ghost Stories are weird and unusual tales about 28 generations of the de Pridias, now known as Prideaux, family. My family and my ancestors. Each generation is my blood link from 1011 AD and reaches through my grandfather Clifford who died in 1963, to me. The last story in this collection is about Clifford Prideaux. I haven’t yet written about Dorothy, Ann Agnes or Richard Fulke Paganus Prideaux. The stars of my tales lived in the places I write about, walked the lands, which more often than not they owned and played with the people I describe. They took part in great historical events and knew, Kings, Earls, Priors and poets, including Geoffrey Chaucer. They fought in famous wars and sided with well-known individuals and were enemies of others.


shudder a a prideaux


The Old Mill was the place in Mill Town where most people worked.
Years passed and the mill closed. But something remained inside it.
When Lydia Prix returned to the town she had no choice but to face the demons of the past and ultimately face the truth.If you go down to the woods today, you may end up being frightened of more than you think…

The Specials cover A A Prideaux

The Specials

The Specials is a tale of a suburban street in Yorkshire and the families who live there. One day the events of years past begin to weave a deadly effect and murder and mayhem ensue.
DCI Revie and his team must solve the case and stop the body count, before there is no one left to tell the tale.
A classic whodunit.

bishop and the witch a a prideaux cover

The Bishop and The Witch

When John Prideaux gave evidence in 1606 at the Star Chamber about  Anne Gunter, he did so as a well-known and respected Oxford academic.
At the 1604 Witch Trial at Abingdon  her alleged tormentors, Elizabeth Gregory, Agnes and Mary Pepwell were ultimately found to be innocent. Anne was sent to stay with Henry Cotton, the Bishop of Salisbury until her father confronted the King and asked him to intervene in the bewitching case.

A Ghost Story A A Prideaux

A Ghost Story

John Prideaux (1505-1568) told a mysterious story to his dinner guests one snowy winter’s evening. Before the end of the night, the group became involved in the story, trudging onto Dartmoor from Stowford, meeting more than one strange person.
A Ghost Story is an almost true tale, which happened  to these real people, ancestors of A A Prideaux…

A Christmas Story A A Prideaux

A Christmas Story

The story begins in a modest home in early Edwardian Leeds, where the Prideaux family await a surprise event on Christmas  Day 1902. The story takes the reader from 1902 to 1993 in a short story and gives a flavour of what Christmas meant to Clifford and his family.A Christmas Story gives the reader an idea of the times prior to the Great War for those with no money and no property.

Nirvana by A A Prideaux


Nirvana is the first in a series of self help books by A A Prideaux, designed to outline an easy to follow path to mental and physical freedom.
The instructions, once understood and followed correctly, will rapidly change the way the material world is perceived. The technique can be used all day and everyday and no one else need know nor be involved. There is no need of a special diet or exercise plan and apart from the price of the book, no money is involved. The reader is challenged to test the instructions in a scientific manner, rather than believe in a spirituality that they be uncomfortable with. They must learn this method and practice it themselves. If done correctly, they will soon learn that they key to life’s mysteries has been in their own mind all the time.


Tresaith 5 by 8 Book Cover

Tresaith Asylum

The story evolved after a permitted visit to Denbigh Asylum, also known as North Wales Hospital, a building which has been allowed to fall into serious disrepair following its enforced enclosure. Tresaith Asylum gives a fictionalised account explaining some of the peculiar events and destruction which have taken place since the doors of this real hospital were finally closed.
DI Revie is the lead detective in this  case and Tresaith Asylum details one of his investigations prior to his move to Yorkshire and appearance in The Specials. He is joined by DS Buchanan who experiences more adventures than are probably good for him. We soon discover that Dr. Selina Tresaith, the Superintendent of Tresaith Asylum, is not necessarily the compassionate woman she would like everyone to believe.  The Asylum had been set up by her family during the 1800’s as a perceived compassionate gesture but was in reality a  money making scheme. The murderers, rapists and misunderstood of the area had been living off the radar at the Asylum for years with their families paying substantial amounts to the Tresaith family in order to keep their loved ones out of the reach of the law and society. These forgotten inmates were not relocated once the Asylum closed and Selina Tresaith has to keep them hidden in order to avoid serious repercussions  from the authorities and locals alike.

We meet ghosts, experience parallel dimensions and learn much about the misconceptions of life and death at Tresaith Asylum.


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The Road from Nowhere

The Road from Nowhere draws one woman and three men to a mysterious village where they begin to mend their unhappy lives. Romance and mystery follow as they walk the Tumbleford road.


Prideaux Ghost Stories

Prideaux Ghost Stories follows on from A Ghost Story, the semi-fictional tale of John Prideaux, who lived in the 16th century in Stowford, Devon. . This new book features the next generations of Prideaux – John, Thomas and Thomas. These men and their families lived during the 16th and 17th century in Harford, Stowford and Ermington in Devon.

Each story is semi-legendary but does take place in the villages, towns and churches described. They were real people who were born, married and died at the times described and took part in the events described.
What makes these stories different is the paranormal involvement and the strange happenings which shaped their live and those of their descendants.

The Dartmoor Witch – John Prideaux.
John and Agnes meet a witch on Dartmoor and seal their eternal fate. They encounter the hooded man and other ghosts who follow the family throughout their lives.

Stowford Demons – Thomas Prideaux.
Thomas and his family not only suffer through the Puritan uprising and bigotry but encounter the hooded man as the county veers towards Civil War.

The Ermington Curse – Thomas Prideaux.
Thomas has experienced severe stress and become irrecoverably damaged following his father’s death, the Civil War and the family’s loss of fortune. The ghosts of dead soldiers and the mysterious hooded man all conspire to cast a dark shadow over his life.

Prideaux Ghost Stories is available via all good booksellers.
ISBN: 978-0-9954609-2-8

The next book in the series is More Prideaux Ghost Stories and will be published shortly. This book features the next four Prideauxs in the line.



More Prideaux Ghost Stories

More Prideaux Ghost Stories is the latest in the series of Prideaux Ghost Stories. Chronologically the stories follow those in the book Prideaux Ghost Stories and A Ghost Story and preceding Further Prideaux Ghost Stories.

Each story features a generation of the family in my line. The people, houses, villages and timelines are correct in each story. Some features of the stories have either been passed down or added by the author with a great deal of poetic licence.

The Bigbury Butcher features Peter Prideaux. This is a tale of mysterious deaths and cruel betrayals in 17th Devon. Will there be any justice?

The Ringmore Wraiths features Peter Prideaux, son of the above. This is a story about a terrible beginning in life and how a call for help to beyond the grave can make a real difference. An unusual painting and magic spells conjure release from a lofty prison.

The Lanlivery Lights features Peter Prideaux, son and grandson of the above. This story involves underage sex resulting in a trip back to Cornwall where a decades old mining mystery is solved.

The Chudleigh Charity features Thomas Peter Prideaux, the son, grandson and great grandson of the above. This is a story of an unpopular wedding and control of a town by devious means. The otherworldly guardians of secret documents don’t want to let go.


Collected Px Ghost Stories Front

Collected Prideaux Ghost Stories

Collected Prideaux Ghost Stories is another in the series of Prideaux ghost stories. It follows the book More Prideaux Ghost Stories and precedes A Christmas Story.
Each story features a generation of the family in my line. The people, houses, villages and timelines are correct in each story. Some features of the stories have either been passed down or added by the author with a great deal of poetic licence.

The Starling Tree features John Prideaux. He runs from his birth town of Chudleigh after experiencing the terrible fire which occurred there. His travels take him to Leeds and London and he learns that bad thoughts and deeds do create things which may have affected his life in ways he could not have foretold.
Christmas at the Workhouse features Matthew Prideaux. A life of poverty and death did not stop him educating himself through his own efforts. During his final hours on Christmas Night 1887 he has a conversation with a young school teacher. As she takes notes about conditions in the workhouse she soon learns that not everyone who dies has left the building.
Cherry Ripe features George Herbert Prideaux. A chance meeting with the prison guards who had attended a hanging at Armley Gaol sends George on a path which altered his whole life.


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